More about us

Vapaaboomarit is a party at the University of Tampere student union (Tamy) elected council of representatives. Our group is composed of business stundents and as such we are close to Boomi. We stand for spending student union resources on low level activities directly benefiting members. With five seats out of 40 we are the third largest party at the council.

If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our group chairman Janne Vikman (

More power to student organizations! We know how to get things done! More bang for the buck!
Tamy as a student union is a regional and national actor and thus is lacking in the finesse required in grassroots operations. A mass of student organizations such as interest clubs and Boomi exist within Tamy and should be leveraged to bring the student union closer to its members. While some organizations are good at raising cash themselves, the considerable financial resources of Tamy should be used to make many different kinds of low level organizations viable. We also have the track record to prove it, both working in the student union and in our own organizations such as Boomi. All our candidates are business or economics students. Boomi is well known for getting things done and the great value it provides for members. We have the skills and experience to make the student union better. Many of the great practical changes that have enhanced Tamy during the last two years were facilitated by our members. Membership in the student union is expensive and we make sure it is spent on things that benefit Tamy members. As the student union has a wide range of activities where it spends money it is easy for oversight to slip. We think it is important to reinforce an attitude of financial responsibility throughout the student union, backed up by checks and balances.